Tuesday, July 15, 2008

El Cap-ee-ton

if you see this sea shepard, shake his hand. Captain Giggle Fit Shivers sailed it to a whole other level this past weekend at French(kiss) Fest.

Friday, July 4, 2008

burning up the streets

Lohan's got nothing on Lil Matt's fire crotch. xo

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

what's on the whoreizen

1. more of the above
2. HotBods takes off the bra of the music industry
3. HotBods has sexy time with the music video industry
4. ancient Egyptian Medicinal Philosophy-aka how to treat a Diry Girl
5. Jeremy Drunk
5 1/2. Matt drunk
6. Vorce depressed and then drunk
7. Matt MASTER-oc-ohohohoh and life on Dirty GirLong Island.
8. how to make your own tank top to impress people with
9. how to rip off that new tank top in a drunken rage at a bar and puke on the DG next to you.
10. how to stay cool and order another drink after 8 and 9 without being thrown out of said bar.
11. why slicking your hair back makes you better looking
12. is balding ok? we think so.
13. Joe Camz in a wet suit holding a spear gun...why? why the fuck not.
14. Myspace fhootoes 101...whos doing it right, and whos the idiot in flip flops
15. Vorce drunk and then depressed
16. who's wants to go to Miami...in a time machine?
17. what ever happened to Spacecamp?
18. Why was Hunter the best television show to date?
19. who's a dirty girl? you tell us ie: photos and bank statements.
20. the INTERNET...fact or friction?

Monday, June 30, 2008

Here's the deal

listen up...I wrote up an application for membership into the club this afternoon while i was working with ugly people and it had some really out of this universe high tech fonts that my computer couldn't handle, so I copied and pasted it here - clearly not giving it the justice it deserves, but look in the mirror bc (because) I'm sure your face knows the feeling. HAHAHA, anyways if you want to try and fill it out because you think you got what it takes to start apprenticing under us to someday reach "JourHorney Men" status then go ahead, by all means - prepare to get the floor swept with your teeth.

Hot Bods!!!
A Gentlemen’s Social Club “- Application
1. Name/Email:
2. Mid to late 20’s something?
3. Height:
Tall _____
Short ____
4. Weight:
Fat ____
Hot Bod ____
5. What’s your deal-you like the Internet or what?
6. Think you can hang with the Hot Bods?
Yes _____
No _____
*If you checked yes it is highly unlikely, stupid
7. Are you into Dirty Girlz?
Yes ____
No, I’m a homo ____
*If yes, good.
8. What can you bring to the Hot Bods table that we already haven’t?
*If you wrote anything for the last question your application will be destroyed, we already bring it all you dummy.
In a 100 words or less, and make it less, we are busy and don’t have all day to read your shit, try and convince us why you will be a true asset to the Hot Bods Organization and have you ever listened to Boney M?
*Along with filling out this form and sending us your email, phone #, address and SS# a head shot will be required for the application process to further take place so we can judge you and most likely turn you away.
peace, kevin

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Misson Statement:
-We are an assortment, an array, an enigma, and a club of HOT BODS who spend their time on the http://www.internet.com/ prowling for DIRTY GIRLZ.
-Fully qualified and CUMitted to fill you in about stupid shit you prob dont wanna hear
-double digits of dirty girls bagged and tagged between us all
-love of the INTERNET
Founding Fathers:
-these guyz....

Think you got what it takes to become a HOT BOD? email us: hotbodsrockhard@gmail.com or search your local internet site for us...or ask somebody, idiot